1. NO NSFW, Ecchi, Hentai or those cropped Doujinshis.

2. No Spoilers.

3. No Cosplay (some exceptions apply).

4. No Fanart (some exceptions apply) or Fanart + Reaction.

5. No Religious or Atom Bomb jokes.

6. If the post is not related to anime culture in anyway and yet uses an anime screencap, don't bother posting.

7. Please don't post impactful/strong/emotional scenes so that it wouldn't lower the effect for those who have not watched it yet.

8. Put the anime name in title if possible and use tags as secondary title if you want.

Why is there manual approval process?

TheOtakuMeme believes in quality over quantity where reposts, memes that are not related to anime and low quality stuff will not be tolerated so you can have annoyance free experience when browsing the website.

What is your stance on reposts?

If you see a repost that was approved by mistake, use the report button and link both posts in your report. The post with higher quality (resolution) will remain and the other will be deleted.

Why my approved post was deleted?

It could be because someone else uploaded the same post as yours but it was of higher quality and hence your post being of low quality was deleted. TheOtakuMeme appreciates your effort and would like you to understand that it was done to make the website a better experience for new users.

Why is title #00 is missing?

See "What is your stance on reposts?".

What are some non-acceptable contents example?

Sure, it was very annoying to see some stuff posted as "anime" meme on some other platforms while having no relevancy at all. There is still "Other" section on TheOtakuMeme saved for stuff that's not anime/manga but worry not, nothing will be approved if it's not related to anime culture at all.

Following are some examples of non acceptable posts.

Non anime related meme just using screencap from anime.

High effort but low effort at the same time. how tf is this anime meme?

Not an anime meme.

Taking fanart and writing random words on it.

Uhhh what?

This is not a konosuba meme nor it is relevant to otaku culture. Dont merge every gender equality post with this konosuba screencap and call it anime meme.

This is another one of those stupid "formats". Picking up some some shitty eternal or not eternal thing.

if you are going to make something in this shitty format, at least write something that relates to anime or japan culture.

oh man dont get me started on this format. There are no words to describe the shittiness of this crap. Dont bother making posts like these.


Is your website used for commercial purposes?


Do you operate your website under a company name?


Who creates the content available on your website (articles, guides, videos, etc)?

Content is created by you but we'll keep the ball rolling.

Is the content available on your website original?

No, some or all of the content is copied from elsewhere.

Can users copy content and information available on your website?

Yes, content can be copied and shared freely.

Do you or your writers accept any kind of compensation or sponsorship?

No, we don't get paid for posting content.

Can users publish anything on your website (comments, images, reviews, videos, etc)?

Yes, users can submit and publish their own content.

Do you monitor and review user submitted content?

Yes, all or some of the submitted content is reviewed before being made public.

Do you reserve the right to modify or remove user submitted content?

Yes, content can be modified or removed if it's found abusive or violates the terms.

Does your website have affiliate links?

No, there are no affiliate links.

Does your website have ads (Google AdSense, BuySellAds, etc)?

Yes, we use Google Adsense. This is what pays for our servers.

Do you offer any kind of recommendations or advice on your website?

No, there are no recommendations or advice.

Do you guarantee accuracy of the information available on your website?

No, we do not provide guarantees.

Do you reserve the right to modify or remove content available on your website?

Yes, content can be modified or removed at any time.

How will you notify users of this policy updates?

Update the modification date at the bottom of the disclaimer page.

Do you use analytical cookies on your website?

Yes, analytical cookies are used on our website.

Do you use social media cookies on your website?

Yes, social media cookies are used on our website.

Can users disable cookies and still use your website without any restrictions?

Yes, but certain features will not be available if cookies are disabled.

Do you use web beacons and tracking pixels?

No, our website and emails do not contain web beacons and tracking pixels.

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